BC rodeo queen Experience

Rodeo queens are often referred to as the face of the rodeo. For many being a rodeo queen is a life-long dream come true. For some holding their title is a once in a lifetime experience. I love their passion for their sport, I love the classic elegance of a rodeo queen. I love their sparkle and their enthusiasm. Having these intelligent and talented women in front of my camera is always a breath of fresh air. To capture these memories is something that never gets old. 

The commitment to your title is huge. You’re on the road. You’re traveling, talking + meeting new people. You’re having the time of your life. Photos can be put on the back burner because of those things BUT let me change that. Let me help you create photos that represent you + represent the title for you look back on. This is a once in a lifetime year for you. You need to remember that + I want to help you achieve that!