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Be You. Do you. What everyone else is doing doesn’t matter to me. I want to photograph ya’ll just the way you are.Everyone has a different story so rock the heck out of yours!





What BC Clients are saying

Brittany Coffee Photography

“It was so nice to be able to call our photographer before I proposed to my forever girl and tell her what I wanted to do and get suggestions on how to pop the question during our session. I was nervous the whole time and the uplifting atmosphere + upbeat pace made it a great experience. Brittany rocked our wedding pictures + we really couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Our wedding was simple + ranchy and the pictures take us back to the exact day every time we look at them. We were blessed to have her as a friend first but her professionalism and quality of work made her an easy choice for us as our photographer.” - Luke


“Brittany was amazing. She got everyone in gear and kept the wedding on a timeline + that was awesome because we didn’t have to worry about anything. I would highly recommend her for your wedding.” - Dakota