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  1. Where are you located? NE Oklahoma but I’m totally willing to travel! (Additional charges may be applied, let's chat!)

  2. Do you pick the location or do I? I would love to come out to your farm, ranch or house but if you can't decide where you want to shoot I have a few unique spots up my sleeves that I’m super happy to share with ya.

  3. What should we wear? Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Dress in a way that expresses you +/or your family's interests. My suggestion is to avoid being too matchy but color schemes are great.

  4. Can we bring props? ABSOLUTELY! I encourage any props that are personal to you. Think quilts, books or some fun old photos.

  5. What about animals? Please! Fur babies are apart of the family too.

  6. Do you offer prints? At this time, I don’t offer prints BUT I can recommend a some quality printers! Mpix.com is my jam.

  7. Will I get to see every photo taken from our shoot? I am a firm believer in providing unique + quality shots and will not withhold any great images from my clients. However, you will recieve all of the photos that I believe are deliverable in quality. No, I do not provide RAW image- sorry not sorry.

A few things I'd like for you to know: 

  • I cherish you and this exciting time in your life. I hope to capture it in a way that you will forever love. 

  • If you've got children, please make sure they have napped and have full bellies! That makes them much happier. Bring candy or cookies!

  • Sometimes bribery is the best way for the little ones to cooperate. Happy kids make happy photos! 

  • It's okay to ask questions. I want this to be a fun, memorable experience for you and yours!

If there is anything you're curious about, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to get back to you!

Thanks, BC!