Justin + McKenzie

Warm sun. White sand. Salty ocean air. Everything Oklahoma isn’t in January! McKenzie + Justin Conner decided to have their beautiful and intimate wedding at the amazing Buccanos Beach Resort in Cozumel, Mexico on January 7, 2018.


Growing up, McKenzie and her sweet family went to Cozumel every year (aren’t you jealous? I am!). She knew that she wanted her wedding day to be extra special, and what better way to make sure of that than to bring Justin and their two families (soon to be one!) to her own little slice of paradise?! Cozumel is so unique and one of McKenzie’s favorite places, so she loved the idea of sharing it with Justin.


Their day was absolutely perfect in every way and was filled with so many memories! 

McKenzie and her girls were getting ready and decided to celebrate the moment by indulging in a bottle of champagne. As you can see, they got more than they bargained for! I will never forget the excitement and joy that bubbled over (pun intended!) and filled the room!

Cozumel is a beautiful place and the beach resort where McKenzie + Justin had their ceremony was just as stunning. They decided to have their first look under a gorgeous tree at the resort and it was such a sweet moment. In the photos you can see McKenzie’s turquoise earrings + Justin’s starched jeans + cowboy hat, just two of the personal touches that made this wedding so special (+ picture perfect!).


McKenzie + her father also had a first look + it was probably the most precious moment I have witnessed as a photographer! 

The ceremony was beautifully simple + absolutely perfect for the Conners. The only guests were their immediate families, including McKenzie’s adorable little boy, Clancey. Every detail of the ceremony was beautiful + unique to the Conners. The flowers were done for them by a local small business in Cozumel. They fit the tropical venue perfectly + were absolutely gorgeous. A family friend from Cozumel played guitar as McKenzie + her father walked down the aisle. It was such a sweet moment.

After the ceremony, we took some photos on the beach. We were able to get some beautiful shots at sunset + I am so happy to be able to send McKenzie + Justin such beautiful images of their big day.


Once we finished taking our photos, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner on the roof top patio of Buccanos. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything so delicious! There were drinks and toasts, but the thing that I remember the most was the laughter. Everyone had such a good time!


I absolutely love being able to capture destination weddings + this was one I will never forget! The day was so perfect + I am so glad McKenzie + Justin let me be a part of it!

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