Tales & Traditions: Willow Springs Ranch- Jay, OK

On this week's edition of a Tales & Traditions sneak peaks I want to share with ya'll a look into Mrs. Cara Brewer's story + cutting horse business..

Take a look into Cara's story here:

"Having started riding cutting horses when she was six, Cara has been around the lifestyle for as long as she can remember.

“When my mother met my adopted father, they were both cutting. My mom had a cutting horse when we traveled with her job and my dad lived in Rockford, IL and put on cutting clinics and that’s how they met,” explained Brewer.

It’s been a family affair from the start for Cara. Her parents are still involved in her business, as is her husband and their four-year-old boy, Brand.

“I learned hard work from my dad and he’s won a lot of major events and hauled me around when I was in the youth. He continues to help when he can. He’s very helpful. My mother is also still very involved. It helps having family,” said Brewer.

The family history runs deep in the cutting horse industry.

“My dad was in one of the first affiliates of the cutting horse industry. He talks about when he first started and seeing all the changes,” explained Cara.

Being able to spend time with Brand and Scott is crucial to Cara.

“Brand ends up here for a little bit every day. It’s good just spending time with him. He will grow up so fast,” admitted Brewer. “In the blink of an eye he will be off to college. He likes to go check cows with his dad and he likes to come ride horse. He loves it,” admitted Brewer." 

I learned so much from Cara + I loved writing this story! 

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Be on the look out for more excerpts and photos coming soon! 

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