Tales & Traditions: Barrett Show Pigs- Gravette, AR

Growing up the Barrett girls were a little younger than me but they always had awesome hogs + I loved watching them succeed. It was SO much fun getting to hang out with them + write this story. 

Take a look into their story here: 

"Following in their great grandfather’s footsteps, Lacy and Paige Barrett, along with their parents Lisa and Brian, raise Duroc hogs and hope to leave their mark on the industry they are so passionate about.  

“Where our house sits now would have been the north fence to what was 40 acres of hogs. Lacy and Paige are fourth generation on this farm,” shared Brian Barrett. “It’s always raised hogs. [Hogs were the idea of] my grandpa Barrett, the girls’ great grandpa.”

The Barrett family currently raise anywhere from 20-25 Duroc and crossbred sows to produce show pigs for themselves and for sale.

“When I was five, we started showing lambs at the county fair,” said Lacy. “We were at the fair and I said, ‘Daddy I want one of those’ and it was a Duroc. When I was six we got one. When I was seven we got a Duroc, a Hampshire and a cross and we started raising hogs. It didn’t take us long to jump in completely.”

Lacy can’t imagine spending her life any other way than raising show hogs and carrying on the family legacy.  

“My great grandpa quit raising hogs for a while and I think it’s great that I was the one to pick it back up. It has lead me to be on a collegiate livestock judging team and strive to be a vet,” explained Lacy. “I plan on getting three bachelor’s degrees from the University of Arkansas then transfer to Oklahoma State University for vet school. I hope to always raise hogs.”' 

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Be on the look out for more excerpts and photos coming soon! 

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