Tales & Traditions: 2 Saun Farm- Colcord, OK

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“Both of our families raised cattle for as far back as either of us know. We come from farming families,” said Bev.

 The Saunders’ children and grandchildren love the farm life too despite not calling it home.

“Our kids love it. They love the farms. The grandkids love to come out. They have their favorite calves and their favorite places to go on the farm but as far as having the kids step in, it doesn’t look like it is going to happen,” said Bev.

Unlike many farming families the Saunders’ farm will end with Bev and Al.

“Our children went to college. One is a doctor, one has a PhD in education, one runs the Co-op and the other is a school teacher. They aren’t going to farm,” admitted Al Saunders. “We have a granddaughter who is going to be an FFA instructor. That’s as close to a legacy as we’re going to have.”

The reality of the average American being three generations removed from the family will sadly hit close to home for the Saunders family.

“This is going to end right here with us. We will sell this and someone will buy it. As far as our family, this is it,” said Al.

It’s a bittersweet situation for Al and Bev.

“It just hasn’t worked out in their lives to make it happen. That is where we fall into where the kids are getting father and farther from the farm. It’s going to happen in our family too,” said Bev. 

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