Tales & Traditions: Ogeechee Ranch/AndersFarm- Miami, OK

Sweet Alisen was one of my instructors at NEO A & M College. The impact she had on me and my life is irreplaceable and difficult to put into words. The passion, love + guidance she provided will be with me every day of my life. Read her + husband Jared's story here! 

Take a look into Ogeechee Ranch + AndersFarm here:

President John F. Kennedy once said the farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways. The Anderson’s couldn’t agree more.

“I look at that [quote] and think ‘People have no idea,’’ admitted Jared.

Despite the truth in that statement, Jared finds his inspiration in the paths that the generations have paved before him.

“My grandpa is the biggest inspiration I have. I think about the family farm getting too crowded and him trying to find a solution for that. It was a big step that he took to allow us to keep going on, moving half way around the world,” reflected Jared. “He took a big step to put the rest of us ahead in the game. That’s my inspiration. I think that’s carried on throughout the family. My dad took his part of the Australia farm and put it into the ranch that we’re running now.”

Alisen, Jared’s wife, admires the perspective that their family has taken to preparing their operation for the next generation, namely their daughter Grace and nephew Ryland.

“They aren’t looking at it like ‘We’re going to work this for 30 years and then it will be our inheritance.’ They are looking at it like ‘It’s for Grace and Rylan,’” added Alisen. “They aren’t looking at it like they’re going to make money. They are looking at how they can hand it down to the next generation of agriculturalists.”

“I hope Grace and her generation looks at our generation and can say ‘My mom and dad worked pretty dang hard for what they have.’ I hope she has the same passion and drive as her father and I hope she loves people. I hope she is kind and sees what God has for her and runs after it. Most importantly runs after Him,” said Alisen.

Alisen has numerous fond memories of grandpa Anderson but one of the most special is from the time they first met.

“The first time I met Jared’s grandpa we sat down and he told me stories about Australia. It was like a really good movie, I just couldn’t stop listening,” recalled Alisen. “He was such an incredible man.”

While Alisen didn’t grow up in Australia, or Oklahoma, she did grow up to have the same love and passion for agriculture that her husband does.

“I always prayed for God to bring me whoever I was supposed to be with and if it wasn’t someone in agriculture it would be fine. But when Jared and I met, I saw the same passion and drive that I have for agriculture in him,” confessed Alisen. “I have learned an incredible amount from watching him do things and watching him make decisions.”

Alisen’s grandpa always told her she needed to marry someone in the agriculture industry because he didn’t think she would have anything else to talk about.

“[Jared’s] my rock. He is very sturdy and very gentle but he gets the job done. He doesn’t look at it as ‘How is this going to make me a dollar’, he looks at it ‘How is this going to help future generations in agriculture and how is it going to positively affect our industry,’” said Alisen.


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