Tales & Traditions: Dog Creek Ranch- Keota, OK

I probably sound like a broken record BUT this story is so near + dear to my heart and it's about an AWESOME young, female in the industry. 

Take a brief look into Brooke Sebo's story here--

While most recent college graduates are reluctant to return home after receiving their diplomas, Brooke sings a song of a different tune.

“I’m 22 and I’ve been doing this since I graduated and it’s been easy because I’m doing what I love,” said Brooke. “I love to be able to say this is what I do. Yes, I went to school for four years but somehow it just feels like I’m going down the right path right now.”

Brooke has had people tell her that she is living the dream and she is quick to agree.

“I feel extremely blessed to be able to tell people what I come from and what we have done. It’s sometimes rare for people to work so hard for so many years and keep it going,” said Brooke. “It’s cool to talk to people about [ranching] that have no idea. It’s an everyday affair for us but there are people out there who have no idea what goes on.”

Like many realize after they walk across that graduation stage, Brooke found out that her education didn’t end when she received her diploma from Oklahoma State.

“I learn something new every day. My dad is extremely educated about the cattle industry and he’s very good with a horse. My uncle Don is very business savvy. That’s how the success is made. You put it together and you learn a lot from both sides.”

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