Tales & Traditions: M & M Farms - Highfill, AR

My first farm to visit was one near and dear to my heart. The youngest Malone featured in this story is a good friend of mine and I've spent a lot of time throughout the years out at their farm, probably more being in the way than helping- although I like to think of myself as a big help! Anyway- like I said in the last post

I will be sharing short excerpts from each story I write with ya'll and a few of the images from my visits!

Take a look into the M &M Farms here: 

“Many people who grow up in rural areas have been known to want unusual, fresh experiences that can’t be found on the farm. Those people head toward the nearest town seeking new adventures, and don’t look back. That wasn’t the case for Dennis Malone.

“My grandma and grandpa started this. They had some land, dad added to it and I’ve added some to it,” said Dennis’ son Don.

Working on the farm everyday with the help of his son, also named Dennis, and dad, as well as family friend, Jordan Cousins, Don enjoys the sense of freedom that comes along with being his own boss.

“A person is very lucky to be able to work with their dad and son. Sure there are hard times but not many people get the chance to do that,” said Don.

Believing that working to keep the family farm going is his greatest inspiration, the younger Dennis works daily to do what he can to keep their operation going.

“It means a lot to be part of a long-standing family operation. I’ve heard stories from my grandpa about what he started with and I see what we have now, it’s unreal. I have so much respect for him for keeping it going like he has. I just hope to do the same thing. Dad and I try everyday and every year to make things better and to keep things going. Hopefully we can,” said the youngest Malone.

With hope for other families to see what the Malone’s have done and potentially want to follow in their footsteps the younger Dennis will continue to work hard.

“It’s really nice going out in the morning and checking on the livestock. You’ve got responsibilities. You’ve got to get up and feed the cattle, just like we’ve got to feed ourselves,” said little Dennis.”

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