Tales & Traditions: Foster Farms- Edna, KS

Last but certainly not least is the Foster family. This is it folks, the last + final, sneak peak of the Tales & Traditions project. 

Take a look into their story here: 

"In school and on the farm, Deven is passionate about the industry that he holds near and dear to his heart.

“Being an agriculturalist means a lot. I really enjoy it because we are feeding the world. There’s a lot people don’t know about agriculture, and it’s nice to be able to go and teach them. That is what I really look forward to doing,” admitted Deven. “In our community, it’s farming-based, so it’s neat to be able to talk to other producers about farming.”

Outside of the Foster’s farming community, Deven thrives when he is advocating and educating consumers.  

“If I could tell consumers one thing, I would tell them farming doesn’t deserve the bad reputation people associate with it. It’s honest, hardworking people making a living. A lot of people think it’s negative because of the technology, but they don’t understand the benefits because they just aren’t around it,” said Deven.

Honest, hardworking people are exactly who the Fosters are, and they are proud of where they come from.

“I’m proud we are farmers, and we have stuck with something for so long. We are providing food for people, and I’m proud of that,” said Ken.

Although agriculture can be a time-honored tradition in many families, it’s a rarity to say the same family has been in the industry for six generations. The Fosters are an exception to the rule, and Deven is honored to be one of the few who can claim his farming blood runs so deep.

“Being a sixth-generation agriculturalist is about tradition, for me. A lot of things we do are based on tradition, and that is part of what drives my love of agriculture and my passion for it,” shared Deven. “It’s so neat to hear the stories of where we came from and how my family got started. I enjoy it, and I enjoy telling people our story.”"

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This is the last addition to my Tales & Traditions series. 

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