Tales & Traditions: Castor Livestock- Elm Springs, AR

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Kyle Castor + his family! 

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"Because of the ever-growing population in northwest Arkansas, Kyle and his family are facing issues that many producers in more rural areas haven’t had to deal with.

“In a way, I have to be a steward to those people. I am a liaison between the farmers and the retail store. When the consumer goes to the retail store, and they are looking at the beef, all they are thinking about is the stinky cow in their backyard. I have to shine a good light and have good farming practices, so it reflects well on the beef industry. The producer has the consumers’ eyeballs on them all the time,” expressed Castor.

In addition to their pastures being near neighborhoods, bike trails also run along their properties.

“It’s nothing to be out there calving heifers and there be a family over there with their phones out and the kids watching what is going on,” said Castor. “We’ve had cattle on the trails before and we had to go behind them and clean it up.”

Kyle wants to be a good neighbor, but he also wants to educate consumers about the agriculture industry.

“I want them to know when they are looking at the meat counter at the grocery store, the cattle they see outside aren’t just pets,” said Castor. “But we still take care of them. Sometimes it’s hard for people to discern between the two.”

Being willing to stop working to communicate with the people next door or the kids across the street is what sets Kyle and his family apart." 

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