Our Wedding Story

If you missed our proposal story, go back and read it HERE! That will fill you in on the story leading up to this day…

In short, he proposed on August 14, 2017, + we were married 31 days later on Friday, September 15, 2017.

Our day was so special and so perfect for us. That morning I drove to town and picked up my bouquet. I treated myself to my fav Chai Latte + some new jewelry. I followed that up with my mom and best friend meeting me at the house to go to Joplin, MO. We met my dad, kid brother, and step mom for a quick lunch and us girls headed to get our nails done.

From there we went to Salon Five Seventeen, owned and operated by some our of dearest friends. Taighan + Annette rocked my hair and makeup, and it was so perfect.

Throughout the day, Justin worked on the ranch a little bit then spent some time with his momma.

My two sundresses came from the junior sections of Dillards. The shorter dress was for dancing later in the evening. I got new Minnetonka Mocs + my mom bought me the most gorgeous pair of turquoise earrings. My sweet friend Kelsey made my ‘Mommas let your babies grow up to marry cowboys’ shirt + another friend of mine built my AWESOME bouquet wrap with both of our brands on it.

My love language is gift giving, so it was important to me to give a gift to everyone that was spending their day with us. My photography mentor, dear friend, Kim Durham with KD Photography was with us to take all of these perfect pictures.

The night prior to the wedding we picked the sweet little spot between those two trees. Our ceremony was performed by a family friend and lasted all of eight minutes.

The only people who knew we were getting married that day were the folks directly involved in our day. We didn’t tell anyone else. We told all of our friends we were having an ‘engagement party’ that night at the local place we always go to dance. We showed up about 10:30 p.m. and our friends had beat us there. We said a big ‘SURPRISE WE’RE MARRIED’ and everyone was so shocked. We told the rest of the world with some text messages and a Facebook post.

The entire day was so simple and full of our special people. We wouldn’t change a thing + I’m so thankful to be married to a man that is even more laid back and simple than I am.

What we did may not work for everyone but it was so ‘us.’ Don’t get me wrong - there were people who were upset or get their feelings hurt, but for anyone who truly knew us, knew that is exactly what we would want.

I hope ya’ll enjoy our pictures!